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The Path of the Peacemaker

How brave is the brother who defends our freedom with his life? With an undying will, he defies our consciousness to evolve, By throwing all our traditions of complacency into disorder, So there may arise a remarkable vision to strengthen our resolve.
How blessed is the sister who serves humanity with her love? She reminds us that we are spiritual beings on earthly soil; Her patient hands heal the orphans, alone in their suffering, While her compassionate heart lifts the slaves of poverty and toil.
So tonight, beneath the stars, breathe in the wind and rejoice For tomorrow's dawn honors our resurgence with the colors of praise; In the morning, we will begin the journey filled with optimism and Branded with the belief that we are made from goodness' gaze.
Each footstep will be a pledge of principle, a pact of truthfulness; To be candid, first with ourselves and always with each other, Therein lies the key, for it means we can begin, here and now, To rely upon the word and trust in the intenti…

Understanding Attachment

Begin by noticing whatever is arising in this moment and the manner in which you are relating to your surroundings. Check in with your inner body as well, including your thoughts and emotions. If there is even the slightest trace of unease or emotional suffering, it clearly indicates that you are not in a space of surrender and inner peace. As such, you are attached to an idea of what should or should not be. This attachment can include your critique of the behavior of another person or your unhappiness with a situation or a life challenge.
You might even discover that you are attached to being attached ... and thus, you are unwilling to let go. So often, the tendency is to shift the responsibility for the attachment to the "other" person or situation.  This approach keeps the dysfunctional cycle turning and leaves you lost, with no way to grow either emotionally or spirituality.
The question remains: Can you accept everything exactly as it is free of judgment, belief or opini…