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Can We Want Nothing?

So often, we want something so much that we push away exactly what we hoped to attract. Can we want nothing and embrace everything we have exactly as it is? Like the beauty of this sunrise, can we appreciate the simplest of blessings that surround us always? Just remember: Life happens in this moment. from the Heart ~ Cathy Ginter

2016 Chinese New Year : The Year of the Monkey

Monkey teaches us to be playful, self-reliant and light-hearted. As such, Monkey's gift is the heart of the joyful child, who sees the world with a sense of wonder. Thus, the Year of the Monkey brings true freedom to the visionary. Monkey also challenges us to beware of false-hearted people who will befriend us only to advance their personal agenda. Finally, Monkey guides us to become the mysterious One, liberated from our conditioning yet always expressing our wisdom with great humor. in Joy ~ Cathy Ginter