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Awareness Practice ~

See if you can interact with the world around you without defending yourself. Watch closely your own mind and the thoughts that might arise that are defensive in nature. Also, be aware of the words you are about to speak. It is essential to understand that this practice is not about self-judgment. The mind wants to be defensive, but the heart wants to open. Just observe and note where you are coming from in any given moment. This is not an easy practice, but it will expose your fears and show you what you are hiding from.
I will be working with this Awareness practice along with you.

Sunday, May 3 ~ Full Moon in Scorpio

Tonight at 11:42 PM EDT, this full moon will reach its most powerful point of illumination. We can expect to experience the intensity of this very complicated flow of energy all through the day and evening hours. While it is perfectly normal for the emotional body to run wild when the full moon is in Scorpio, it can be very helpful to balance our auric field by spending as much time with the natural world as possible. Blessedly, the Earth is a great grounding element for the emotional body.
Relationships will be a primary focal point as dysfunctional behavior will have a tendency to come to the surface. Yes, it is important to express ourselves to others, but if fear, anxiety or anger is arising, it is coming from within. Others might trigger that in us, but as always, we are responsible for our own feelings, thoughts and actions.
On a lighter note, the full moon in Scorpio can be a wonderful time to be creative and to delve ever more deeply into the mysteries of life that are arisin…