Equinox Blessings ~

Friday, March 20th ~ Super New Moon in Pisces, Equinox and Total Solar Eclipse

This very powerful alignment of celestial events becomes a wonderful opportunity to keep a quiet space and to be self-reflective as we reconnect with our inner spirit. In the stillness, we will be receiving many essential insights from the Universal Life Force that is all around us. The key is to set a new intention into motion that truly revitalizes our creative soul purpose in this lifetime.

At the same time, you might become aware of a greater intensity, arising from your emotional body, as old childhood wounds surge to the surface to be healed. Blessedly, this is the moment of new beginnings so allow the past to complete itself as you transform fears into miracles. Meditation and prayer are always helpful grounding tools so remember to breathe deeply, inhaling the beauty of our Earth, the flowing of the Rivers, and the growing warmth of the Sun. Then, exhale any stress or tension that your physical body vessel might be experiencing. Continue following the breath until your emotional body settles down into a clear, placid pool of self-Love.

As always, each of us has the capacity to see ourselves as we already are: completely healed and whole, and in perfect Oneness with our Creator.

All Light and Blessings ~ Cathy Ginter


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