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January 20, 2015 ~ Super New Moon in Aquarius

With the Moon so close to the Earth and in direct alignment with both the Sun and the Earth, the coming days will prove to be the perfect time to expand your intuitive heart center. Garner your inner strength and your courage, and you will be able to receive important insights from the Living Matrix that will assist you in propelling your personal hopes and dreams forward. Moreover, this New Moon is a powerful gateway of opportunity through which all is forgiven and all is blessed by the light of Grace. Dive into the energy fully and in Joy ~ Cathy Ginter

Soul Healing

Drop the fantasy. Yes, intimate relationships are fun and loving, but they also entail a lot of intensive soul healing. In creating a safe space, in which we can open our hearts to truly listen, we allow one another to delve more deeply into our emotional blocks. As such, we offer a life-altering gift to our partners because we realize that this soul healing can only happen when we prove trustworthy, compassionate and respectful to the process no matter how long it takes. from the Heart ~ Cathy Ginter

Full Moon Blessings

This evening's Full Moon in Cancer is the perfect opportunity to receive clear insights from the Universe, to set powerful intentions into motion and to find creative ways to manifest your hopes and dreams. Watch out for anything that might trigger your emotional body and cause you to lose focus over the next few days. The key is to remain grounded in your intuitive heart center. From this vantage point, everything is possible. ~ Cathy Ginter