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I allow my intuitive heart to guide me always. I trust that I have a powerful connection with Source energy that is always guiding me to fulfill my true spiritual work in the world. I open my heart to receive the insights that God is sending my way. I know that I am meant to shine with beauty and grace. with Love ~ Cathy Ginter

Happy Diwali

Happy Diwali to my Hindu friends ... may the light in your heart glow evermore brightly.
Diwali is the Hindu festival of light that is celebrated on the darkest new moon. By lighting candles, we welcome the spiritual awakening of our inner light so that we might live with greater love and compassion.
with one Heart ~ Cathy Ginter


My beautiful grandson, Luke, eating an organic apple under our oldest maple tree. Luke is a great teacher when it comes to being present and living in the moment. in Joy ~ Cathy Ginter

Connecting with Love

When we embrace each moment, we are in a space of acceptance and we are connecting with Love. But as soon as we criticize or judge another person or a life situation, we are in a space of nonacceptance to what is and we are generating suffering. I like to remind myself that nothing is more valuable than my own peace of mind. ~ Cathy Ginter

Friday, July 31 ~ Guru Purnima 2015

One should think of oneself as a purely spiritual being, as Self-luminous, poised in the Bliss of the Self. ~ Sri Anandamayi Ma

Prayers for Charleston

What I am sensing this morning is that racism is a form of mental illness. It is a twisting of the mind and a falling away from our spiritual connection with the Universe. As with any illness, Love is the essence of all healing because it ends the dream of our separation from one another and our Source.
May this prayer for peace surround the citizens of Charleston. Your loss is truly humanity’s loss. in Light ~ Cathy Ginter

Awareness Practice ~

See if you can interact with the world around you without defending yourself. Watch closely your own mind and the thoughts that might arise that are defensive in nature. Also, be aware of the words you are about to speak. It is essential to understand that this practice is not about self-judgment. The mind wants to be defensive, but the heart wants to open. Just observe and note where you are coming from in any given moment. This is not an easy practice, but it will expose your fears and show you what you are hiding from.
I will be working with this Awareness practice along with you.

Sunday, May 3 ~ Full Moon in Scorpio

Tonight at 11:42 PM EDT, this full moon will reach its most powerful point of illumination. We can expect to experience the intensity of this very complicated flow of energy all through the day and evening hours. While it is perfectly normal for the emotional body to run wild when the full moon is in Scorpio, it can be very helpful to balance our auric field by spending as much time with the natural world as possible. Blessedly, the Earth is a great grounding element for the emotional body.
Relationships will be a primary focal point as dysfunctional behavior will have a tendency to come to the surface. Yes, it is important to express ourselves to others, but if fear, anxiety or anger is arising, it is coming from within. Others might trigger that in us, but as always, we are responsible for our own feelings, thoughts and actions.
On a lighter note, the full moon in Scorpio can be a wonderful time to be creative and to delve ever more deeply into the mysteries of life that are arisin…

Prayer Blessings

Please join me in sending prayer blessings to the victims of the Nepal earthquake and the Mt. Everest avalanche. with a compassionate Heart ~ Cathy Ginter

The Gift of Compassion

For a moment, set aside all questions about the reason why Andreas Lubitz crashed the Germanwings jetliner in the French Alps and join me in sending prayer blessings and rays of healing light to the families of the passengers. In suspending judgment until the full picture is seen, we create an open space for love and compassion to flow forth. from the Heart ~ Cathy Ginter

Equinox Blessings ~

Friday, March 20th ~ Super New Moon in Pisces, Equinox and Total Solar Eclipse
This very powerful alignment of celestial events becomes a wonderful opportunity to keep a quiet space and to be self-reflective as we reconnect with our inner spirit. In the stillness, we will be receiving many essential insights from the Universal Life Force that is all around us. The key is to set a new intention into motion that truly revitalizes our creative soul purpose in this lifetime.
At the same time, you might become aware of a greater intensity, arising from your emotional body, as old childhood wounds surge to the surface to be healed. Blessedly, this is the moment of new beginnings so allow the past to complete itself as you transform fears into miracles. Meditation and prayer are always helpful grounding tools so remember to breathe deeply, inhaling the beauty of our Earth, the flowing of the Rivers, and the growing warmth of the Sun. Then, exhale any stress or tension that your physical body v…

March 5th ~ Full Moon in Virgo

Today is a time of transitions, of letting go and creating new pathways so that we can open new gateways of opportunity. Transitions are never easy, but when we are truly willing to release that which is no longer serving our highest intent, essential changes flow more easily and magical moments happen quite gracefully. It is also important to be aware of our emotional body and the words and actions of others that are triggering negative emotions from within. If we can be very still and aware, this moment can be the perfect stage for healing the auric field. As such, our primary work is to delve within so that we can bring everything into the light and meet ourselves with greater authenticity, kindness and compassion. ~ Cathy Ginter

2015 ~ Year of the Goat

The gifts of Goat wisdom are vision and insight for this powerful totem teaches us to seek new horizons and to climb to new heights. The key lesson is to take a balanced approach for Goat also warns us to use good judgment and to not be overly gullible when it comes to false promises of others. After all, we do not want to be anyone's scapegoat! Likewise, Goat encourages us to fight for what we believe in and to realize our goals against all odds. ~ Cathy Ginter

January 20, 2015 ~ Super New Moon in Aquarius

With the Moon so close to the Earth and in direct alignment with both the Sun and the Earth, the coming days will prove to be the perfect time to expand your intuitive heart center. Garner your inner strength and your courage, and you will be able to receive important insights from the Living Matrix that will assist you in propelling your personal hopes and dreams forward. Moreover, this New Moon is a powerful gateway of opportunity through which all is forgiven and all is blessed by the light of Grace. Dive into the energy fully and in Joy ~ Cathy Ginter

Soul Healing

Drop the fantasy. Yes, intimate relationships are fun and loving, but they also entail a lot of intensive soul healing. In creating a safe space, in which we can open our hearts to truly listen, we allow one another to delve more deeply into our emotional blocks. As such, we offer a life-altering gift to our partners because we realize that this soul healing can only happen when we prove trustworthy, compassionate and respectful to the process no matter how long it takes. from the Heart ~ Cathy Ginter

Full Moon Blessings

This evening's Full Moon in Cancer is the perfect opportunity to receive clear insights from the Universe, to set powerful intentions into motion and to find creative ways to manifest your hopes and dreams. Watch out for anything that might trigger your emotional body and cause you to lose focus over the next few days. The key is to remain grounded in your intuitive heart center. From this vantage point, everything is possible. ~ Cathy Ginter