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Humble and Wise

A Guru is called He who, out of deep darkness, can reveal the hidden Truth. My Guru exists in many forms as the Guru of each and everyone, and everyone else's Guru is in fact my Guru. Now you see how the Guru has become one. ~ Sri Anandamayi Ma
Recently, I have been observing several oneness guru/teachers berate their students in an abusive manner, and I wanted to address this relationship dynamic from my personal perspective. It is my understanding that a teacher sets the example and realizes that he/she has a responsibility to see the fuller picture when others might not yet catch the wisdom they are offering. When a teacher resorts to verbal abuse, any and all sense of compassion and mutual respect become lost. In the process, the non-dual nature of the teacher/student relationship becomes lost as well.
Blessedly, every student is a perfect mirror, reflecting what the teacher is or is not recognizing in themselves. So unless the teacher is seeing perfection in the student, there …