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Patience is the most challenging lesson that humans face on this Earth plane. It tests our faith and brings to the surface all of our trigger points. It makes time real, which has a tendency to slow things down, and it allows all of our fears and worries to stare us down. In the process, it pushes away the very thing we wish to attract because all along, this lesson remains: Patience.

And as always, our true life purpose is to be in Joy.

Prayers for Peace

As we open our hearts in compassion to the suffering of others, a greater acceptance of our humanity becomes visible. Herein, it is possible to recognize that we cannot know one another merely through one's behavior. Rather, a deeper and more palpable sense of our beingness arises to the surface and defines us in a wider scope through the lens of Love.

Sending prayers for peace so that we might all embrace the totality of our Being.