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Humble and Wise

A Guru is called He who, out of deep darkness, can reveal the hidden Truth. My Guru exists in many forms as the Guru of each and everyone, and everyone else's Guru is in fact my Guru. Now you see how the Guru has become one. ~ Sri Anandamayi Ma
Recently, I have been observing several oneness guru/teachers berate their students in an abusive manner, and I wanted to address this relationship dynamic from my personal perspective. It is my understanding that a teacher sets the example and realizes that he/she has a responsibility to see the fuller picture when others might not yet catch the wisdom they are offering. When a teacher resorts to verbal abuse, any and all sense of compassion and mutual respect become lost. In the process, the non-dual nature of the teacher/student relationship becomes lost as well.
Blessedly, every student is a perfect mirror, reflecting what the teacher is or is not recognizing in themselves. So unless the teacher is seeing perfection in the student, there …

New Moon Global Meditation

New Moon Global Meditation and Scorpio Solar Eclipse
Sunday, November 3 ~ 7:50 AM EST (4:50 AM PST)
Please take a moment to rest peacefully in silence and meditation as we join together to redirect our focus, to remember our Oneness and to channel positive, healing energy around the world.
Our meditation will take place in the silence of our own hearts so there is no need to go anywhere but within.
in Light ~ Cathy Ginter, Spiritual Healer

Full MoonLight Blessings from the Heart ~ August 20, 2013

What a magnificent skyscape we are enjoying tonight! Note the reflection off the lens. I love how it reminds me of our crown chakra ... as though the moon is blessing all of us from the night sky.

Where Love Is

Where Love is, there you are!
As long as we see this Love in one another, than we are connecting through the Heart. As soon as we diminish another person to an object to "get" something, then we are in ego. The honest one will know which is which and be free of conflict. Thus, all doing arises first out of Being.


Patience is the most challenging lesson that humans face on this Earth plane. It tests our faith and brings to the surface all of our trigger points. It makes time real, which has a tendency to slow things down, and it allows all of our fears and worries to stare us down. In the process, it pushes away the very thing we wish to attract because all along, this lesson remains: Patience.

And as always, our true life purpose is to be in Joy.

Prayers for Peace

As we open our hearts in compassion to the suffering of others, a greater acceptance of our humanity becomes visible. Herein, it is possible to recognize that we cannot know one another merely through one's behavior. Rather, a deeper and more palpable sense of our beingness arises to the surface and defines us in a wider scope through the lens of Love.

Sending prayers for peace so that we might all embrace the totality of our Being.

One Reason

There is only one reason we have followed God into this world: to encourage laughter, freedom, dance and love. ~ Hafiz

When we try to get others to agree with us and reject anyone who doesn't take our side, we leave no room for anything new to enter in. Thus, we inhibit our spiritual growth on the spot. A wiser approach is to spend time with someone who really challenges our beliefs, thoughts and opinions. Now, we might crack open and expose a more authentic way of being in the world.

The Dance of Life

The Great Way is not difficult for those who have no preferences. When love and hate are both absent everything becomes clear and undisguised. Make the smallest distinction, however, and heaven and earth are set infinitely apart. ~ Hsin Hsin Ming

I have been exploring the dynamic of codependent relationships over the past year and would like to share what I am intuiting. I do so with great openness and a willingness to listen and to hear your experiences and insights as well. As such, this is not a stagnant examination, and I have reached no absolutes. Rather, I am simply delving more deeply into our relationship dynamics and the manner in which we grow and learn from one another.
Essentially, what I am seeing is that codependency is rooted in our need to "get" something from one another. This neediness can only be seen when we are truly honest with ourselves and when we are willing to recognize that we have a clear attachment to a specific outcome. While we might claim undyi…