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Love: The Ultimate Healer

I was recently asked, "What can people do to clear up bad karma from the past?"

All too often, old karma manifests itself in feelings of guilt and inadequacy. Essentially, we are all innocent, and everything is forgiven as each moment clears away the past without a trace of karma. However in order to become a witness to our innocence, we must be in a space in which we are not holding onto grudges. Thus, we can create a shift in perspective and see our true nature ever more clearly. For this reason, the question might be better posed, "How can I heal my own misperceptions?"
In my experience, an effective approach begins with the acknowledgement, "If I knew better, I would do better." This statement is only constructive if we are truly prepared to do better. Otherwise, it is simply an avoidance tactic that temporarily frees us from fully owning our responsibility to initiate the healing process. To be an able participant in healing the past, we must be will…