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The Miracle of the Heart

Someone recently asked, "How do we overcome our pride in order to forgive another person?"

In my experience, we begin by loving and accepting even our pridefulness for this is the pathway of true compassion. Moreover, as we welcome the messiness of our own shortcomings, whatever they might be, we open a gateway to self-forgiveness. From this vantage point, there is no longer "other," and the essence of our Oneness can be seen finally and completely. This beautiful invitation to inner peace is the miracle of the Heart.

A Double Blessing ~

What a blessing it is to recognize that we are all doing our best. Moreover, it is a double blessing to realize that our best will continue to get better as we evolve emotionally and spiritually. In truth, our capacity to deepen is as unlimited as the Universe is infinite. For this reason, it is essential that we remain loving and patient with ourselves.
I always like to remind myself that it is a long song, and we can only hear a few notes at a time because the entire symphony is beyond anything the human ears can imagine. Still, as the strains of the celestial magic play for us always, on the silence of the gentlest breeze, we are receiving vast wisdom as the frequencies meld with the vibration of our auric field… such a powerful witnessing and listening as each note plays in a different color and interweaves itself with such magnificence.