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The Treasure

You have heard that every buried treasure has a snake guarding it. Kiss the snake to discover the treasure! ~ Rumi
One of the questions that continuously crops up in my consulting practice is, "How do we know when we have really forgiven someone?"
There is a tendency to intellectualize that we have forgiven when in fact, we have yet to let go whole-heartedly. As a result, all that we accomplish is to rationalize away all of our personal power when it would serve us so much more effectively to face ourselves in the mirror. Moreover, when we superficially forgive someone, there remains a powerful residue of resentment that causes a negative thought stream to arise, seemingly out of nowhere, when we least expect it. If the bitterness is buried deeply enough, the unhealed wound might even play out in a dream. Likewise, those of us who have done shadow work understand that an unresolved issue often exhibits itself in dysfunctional and secretive behavioral patterns that lead to f…

The Living Matrix

Each of us is a particle of light in a grand and complex interweaving of wisdom, love and compassion, known as the living matrix of the Universe. It is through this living matrix that our legacy - the healing of body, mind and spirit - happens. May we rediscover our true nature as spiritual beings and once again, reclaim our birthright in the name of Love.