Choosing Freedom

The concept of projection is quite similar to the concept of the reversal of cause and effect. This is the reason our expectations are seen as linear. As such, the ego creates an expectation based on what it is feeling and then looks for indications in the world around it that its expectation is right on. For example, if we are feeling unhappy, we will have a tendency look to the world to validate our reasons for being unhappy.

However, when we are truly honest with ourselves, we come to realize that we are not our feelings, thoughts or emotions. Simultaneously, we can easily appreciate the insight that true happiness must arise from within.

I love this offering from A Course in Miracles that is a reflection of the same wisdom:

Every brother [sister] you meet becomes a witness for Christ or for the ego, depending on what you perceive in him. Everyone convinces you of what you want to perceive, and of the reality of the kingdom you have chosen for your vigilance. Everything you perceive is a witness to the thought system you want to be true. Every brother has the power to release you, if you choose to be free. ~ ACIM. Chapter 11. V. The "Dynamics" of the Ego

Today, I am choosing Freedom.


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