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The Wayshower

During deep sleep, the snow comes ever so silently. One might not even know it is happening until the light of day shifts the landscape from the dark sheen of night to a pure glistening white. Unlike rain, which pellets the window panes and the rooftops, announcing itself in no uncertain terms, snow is like the recluse, the hermit in the mountains.

Likewise, there is a discernible fork on the spiritual path. Once the liberated one opens her eyes to truth, she reaches a choice point, a living crossroads so to speak. While one person may tend to be like snow and take the quiet, solitary route, another could be more inclined to sound a trumpet to offer a comprehensive account of what is possible via the way to freedom and the awakening experience.
Certainly, one branch of the road is neither better nor worthier than any other. However, the more vocal approach will most likely create controversy and sometimes great conflict as there can be vast resistance in a world so heavily invested in a…