A Self Portrait

"Who Am I?"

This question posed by Sri Ramana Maharshi invites us to inquire into the very nature of our existence. The inquiry itself leads us past the wide spectrum of all the names that we are given at birth along with all of those labels, expectations and opinions that others seem to tag upon us at every juncture. Further investigation reveals that we are the best of friends the moment we please someone and then, denigrated by a judgmental look of disapproval the instant we say, "No" or otherwise happen to take a different standpoint.

It is such a blessed chance of luck when we realize that no concept can possibly capture the essence of who we really are. Suddenly, we are able to turn inward and ground ourselves in the source of our own true Self. No longer is there an attempt to live up to someone else's portrayal of what they want us to be. Never again does anyone have to be wrong. Imagine that: we can all be right. Moreover, we can see one another in the light of such innocence!

And when all of the molds and mirrors are broken and left on the barren, red earth like cracked clay pottery, discarded from years of overuse, we can actually celebrate this wearing away of our persona. Indeed, the secret of secrets is that we have never been a mere perception or a word handed to us in childhood. What a relief it is to experience that we are the entire universe and all the spaciousness that lies hidden beyond.


Such light of innocence... I will rest there...
and then in another moment the words form in this human mind...

to be a carefree sweeper
amongst the glass and pottery shards
the broom sweeps with indifference
leaving behind only a slight trace of what was once held so dear
revealing only what was always there

Thank you for the rest and the moment
Cathy Ginter said…
Yes, this blessed sweeper is welcome as well... always ~
"the secret is we have never been a mere perception.....we are the Spaciousness of the Universe and beyond." Amen! Realized not by "luck" but by Love awakening to ItSelf...
Cathy Ginter said…
Yes, Christine... such blessed Grace. May this Love shine upon you always ~
Diane AZ said…
Beautiful portrait, Cathy, it looks like a watercolor painting.

Yes, breaking out of a mistaken identity is something to celebrate! First it is a huge relief to see we are not what we thought we were and then when we realize the same life (or essence) is expressing itself though others as well, we can't help but feel compassion for all. Suddenly
everthing is appropriate (even when it seems wrong). We are all doing what we're supposed to be doing and there is such peace in knowing that.
Cathy Ginter said…
I agree whole-Heartedly, Diane ~

And yes, I set up a tripod and shot the photo with a remote... then, used a watercolor technique to create the artwork... such fun!

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