A Message from Heaven

Beloved Earth Children ~

As this Solstice season approaches, we extend this invitation so that you might rediscover your most essential nature. . .

Stand near a tree in the forest and learn the way of being still and rooted in silence. Bend like colorful wildflowers, splayed across the spring meadow, and bow to the wind. Shimmer with a crystal in the palm of your hand and allow its energy to heal your body, mind and spirit. Dance to the river's current, flowing downstream, and experience the full meaning of surrender.

Shine as the stars, high in the heavens, and be inspired to realize your infinite potential. Leap with the whales in the sea so your soul song might be carried by the waves. Soar like a falcon, circling the open sky, and see yourself, spreading your light into wings of freedom. Stretch your body with a cat to practice yoga. Serve others like a dog, ever loyal, trustworthy and true.

Heed the wisdom prayers of the Grandmothers and the elders of the gathering tribes and recognize that there is one Life and one Source that moves through all form. Have the faith of a gardener and cultivate patience, compassion and kindness. Breathe with the rhythm of the drum, and your heart will beat stronger. Play like a baby with innocence, joy and laughter.

Remember that you are the promise of your generation. Each day, the seeds of your actions cause the ripples of your humanity to travel beyond time and space. Therefore, do your best to be a living demonstration of the beauty of devotion, the power of courage and the triumph of perseverance. Above all, never forget that we offer you our unconditional love always.

Blessings from the Universe, All is Well, Be in Peace.


Cathy Ginter said…
I would like to thank everyOne who has read and/or shared this post as its message longs to be extended during this time of Grace... from the Heart ~ Cathy Ginter

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