A Soft Flicker of Hope

Every child has known God, not the God of names, not the God of don'ts, but the God who knows only four words and keeps repeating them, saying: "Come dance with Me, come dance." ~ Hafiz

Many teachers on the spiritual circuit speak quite a bit about the stories we create and how they are not real. While it is useful to acknowledge that our fear is a story, we still need to do the work of healing our wounded child in a sincere and authentic manner. It is like meeting a young child, standing alone and lost along the side of the highway. Would you stop and tell her that she is not lost and then, continue on your way? The compassionate response is to gently smile, take the child by the hand and offer to help her find her way home.

Similarly, all of us are seeking the way home. This home is a place of great fun and spontaneity in which every instant is alive with excitement and wonder. While the return to our innate joy might be our intent, many of us search far and wide for the key that opens the gateway to our own healing. Another, and perhaps simpler, approach is to go within and begin to watch whatever happens to be arising in the present moment. Those trigger points in our relationships are particularly valuable, and in effect, they have the potential to become our most precious gifts. Personally, I like taking the position in which everything is welcome. For example, if I am feeling sad, then I embrace the sadness.

This practice of whole-hearted acceptance does not mean that we have the right to act out our unhappiness with violence. Neither are we justified in blaming another person for what we are feeling. In actuality, until we are willing to take full responsibility for our own emotions, we remain stuck with our wounds and our victim mentality. Gratefully, I am seeing that surrender is one of the most effective tools in the healing process. Of course, it is not necessary to either like or to avoid any self-indulgent behavior. The important thing is to realize that there is a soft flicker of hope behind the eyes of every wounded child. With encouragement and patience, this soft flicker of hope can glow ever brighter until it blossoms into a beacon for the Light of Love.


Beautiful post! Love the quote by Hafiz.
Also: "The important thing is to realize there is a soft flicker of hope behind the eyes of every wounded child." Yes! And since we are all wounded, all have that inner wounded child, that light of Love shines in us all - waiting to be recognized.

As Ram Das said: "We are all walking each other home."
Cathy Ginter said…
Yes... that is so true... and what a lovely sharing from Ram Dass : )
Diane AZ said…
Hi! I think it is peaceful to welcome everything. As you pointed out, we can accept and learn from things without having to like them. Nice post!
Cathy Ginter said…
Thank you, Diane... yes, inner peace is such a gift ~

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