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AUM pervades everything, equally, like space. Within It, there are no distinctions such as high and low. The formless Unmanifest manifests as form; how else could the Imperishable show forth Its Light? ~ Song of the Avadhut
On a recent holiday to Niagara Falls, I experienced such a brilliant reflection. In fact, truth revealed itself quite suddenly and unexpectedly as is so often the case with most spiritual insights. While our rising star touched the morning air, I saw the breath of fluidity, flowing across the earth in complete synchronicity. I watched a leaf, floating on the slightest current of wind. I observed each drop of water, surging over the falls, meeting the massive foam where light and spray created a double rainbow prism. I became every step, hiking across the trails around the river's bend. I was the seagull, perched patiently on a broken tree limb, waiting for a fish to come by.
Even as I continued to view this vast and complex panorama unfold, I soon noticed Love…