An Equinox Peace Sharing

It is through this journey into silence that we meet our inner purpose. From here, our outer purpose flows quite naturally. ~ Cathy Ginter

Often when we first begin to awaken, we become aware of past, unconscious behavior that we perceive has caused harm to another or to self. This realization can trigger feelings of guilt or shame. Keep in mind that this mind-set is once again the ego, pulling us back into a never-ending cycle of more unconscious behavior. However if we can bring forgiveness into the present moment, a space will arise in which the mistakes of the past can be healed once and for all.

To practice forgiveness in the present moment, visualize a stream of pure white light radiating from your heart center. Now, see that white light extend outward until it surrounds each person involved.

Also remember that true forgiveness is a gift of Love, given freely and without expectation. When forgiveness is offered unconditionally, there is no separation between the giver and the receiver... and the offering itself becomes unlimited in its potential... Like a stone tossed into the stream of Life, it ripples on forever...  into the Infinite Eternal. I see forgiveness, as well as Love, as the breath of Consciousness.

If we can be in complete acceptance and without judgment, we have also moved beyond the need for forgiveness... at that point, healing has already taken place.

Finally, always keep close at heart that we are here to move beyond the emotions and the counter-productive antics of the ego aka the unobserved mind; to connect with a deep inner stillness that exists within each of us as our true state of Being; to rediscover a lasting peace, love and compassion that naturally flows outward into the world around us; and to be enJOY... so that the touch of Grace might dance through us!


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