The Grace of This Moment

Each moment contains a hundred messages from God: To every cry of "Oh Lord," He answers a hundred times, "I am here." ~ Rumi

While the sun slips over the western woods, the evening colors turn the sky to the softest shades of heather. The slanting light leaves long shadows across the back of my hand. I gently rotate the lens and play with blush and silhouette as they intermingle, come and go. When the hum of a bumblebee soars into sight, I watch it dive deeply into a hanging heart to grab its last fill of nectar before the day is complete.

I am quite pleased when a mere whisper of the calmest breeze lifts a flawless flower to my eye. In truth, I am merely a spectator to this single instant in time in which the real treasure is the bliss of capturing this one shot. Smiling, I invite a fine line of luminosity to linger between leaf and petal, halting the midair dance of movement. Holding my breath, I frame a perfectly focused bead in the crosshairs, slowly press the shutter and catch the Grace of this moment.


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