In Clear Sight

"The lamps are different, but the Light is the same. One matter, one energy, one Light, one Light-mind, endlessly emanating all things." ~ Rumi

Each moment is extraordinarily beautiful when we simply open our eyes and see. As Rumi shares with such poetic grace, we are one, undivided and interconnected. Regardless of appearances, there is no separation between us and all that there is. In this timeless, spaceless state, there is no disconnect between being and becoming. Perhaps this understanding reveals the true reason we feel such physical and emotional agitation when there is a persistent struggle going on in our minds.

Truly, we are blessed when we can pause and inquire: Can we acknowledge that we create the gap of separation between ourselves and the world? Can we recognize that when we become identified with the object of our attention, we kindle patterns of resistance? Can we watch ourselves become trapped in our own misperception as the illusion catches us? Do we realize that when we no longer have the ability to distinguish it as a misperception, we close our eyes to our true nature and drift into a state of forgetfulness?

All of these questions arise from Consciousness that is cognizant even during our slumber. This part of our psyche must either weep or laugh at what we are missing in our bouts of blindness. Yet with eyes wide open, in clear sight, we see ourselves with the majesty of a single drop of light, floating on the surface of the sea, following the stream of the current and merging into the one Light-mind. In an instant, the lamp is no longer important for it vanishes in the brilliance of the Love's light, shining forth.


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