A Blessed Realization

"Knock at the door of reality, shake your thought-wings, loosen your shoulders, and open." ~ Rumi

There are times when a consistent, long-term exposure to any spiritual teaching can feel overwhelming. Keep in mind that whether we are practicing meditation, yoga or receiving intensive Reiki healing energy, we are literally raising the vibration of our auric field to a higher frequency. In so doing, we are opening our inner body to a new way of living and being in the world. In the beginning, our practice is often accompanied by a period of joy and peace. However when that first wave of bliss recedes, it is possible to be left with a feeling of uncertainty.

As many of us know, this lull can easily lead to a chase to repeat the initial feeling of ecstasy. Many of us have caught the egoic mind asking, "What's next?" Yes, we all long to get to the place of true inner peace that never wavers. However, it is important to acknowledge that we might have to play catch up with the freshness of the awakening experience. In fact, it takes patience and confidence to allow our emotional and physical bodies to integrate and merge more fully into the groove of the shift.

It is also perfectly normal for a burst of energy, rising through the chakras, to feel unsettling. We might even experience a period of confusion, anxiety or agitation, which all seems like a huge step backwards. In actuality, it is indicative of an expansive movement in consciousness. When this occurs, it is helpful to remember to relax our shoulders and breathe deeply, which will allow the energy to rise to our Heart chakra where it can be transformed to love. If we remain present and free of resistance, this very powerful, creative energy will bring great insight.

It is such a blessed realization to understand that we can move with the course of the current even when the river feels cold and uncomfortable. In accepting that it is all part of our journey, we can smile, go for the ride and trust that it is all unfolding in complete perfection.


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