Just As We Are

"What we are looking for is what is looking." ~ St. Francis of Assisi

I think it is important to carefully observe our disappointments, especially the ones we hold up against one another. Every disappointment begins with an unrealistic expectation. Wisdom would show us that the most apparent invitation is to see that the discontentment is arising to get us to look at the expectation and observe that even more deeply. We might ask, "What is at the very root of expecting someone to satisfy a lack we are experiencing in ourselves"?

Can we begin to see that what we are exploring is the root of all attack? In other words, I want you to do this... and you want to do that. Our "this and that" are different, and so begins the conflict. To complicate matters further, we can't always clearly see what it is we want. Our own ambivalence creates an even bigger conflict that continuously goes on in our own thought stream.

Now comes the juicy part... for it is the fear of meeting that conflict within ourselves that drives us to look elsewhere. And of course, everyone else is out there playing out their own hopes and fears. It's a crazy dance, but there it is! Still, it's okay to stop and be silent for a moment. Right now, let's all take a deep breath. We can even relax our shoulders while we are at it.

With any luck, the silence takes hold and shows us that all we want is to be loved and accepted just as we are... no better... no worse... just as we are.


faith said…
This came at the perfect moment as I am feeling regret and guilt but why? Because of my own expectations put upon myself. Thank you for bringing me to where it all starts...I.
Yes, it's always good to go directly to the Heart of the matter... all Love

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