In Service

"Don't pretend to be a candle, be a moth, so you may taste the savor of Life and know the power hidden in service." ~ Rumi

We have this deep-rooted tendency to fall into the mindset that we exist to be in service to the world of form. This approach feeds ours habitual need to fix what was never broken. Because our form-based reality is merely a reflection of our own thoughts and emotions, it is quite delusional to think that we know what is best for one another. Moreover, our interference so often aggravates the situation and perpetuates further suffering among those we claim to love the most. As such, this propensity to fix makes us the great pretenders and merely serves to distract us from our true life purpose.

In focusing our attention on our spiritual connection with the Universe, we can truly be the humble servant. No longer needing to fix one another, we begin to see that we are simply here to love and support each another. And as we set aside our need to control the world of form, we open to fully and quite naturally unfold our wings. With nothing left to defend, we allow the candle's flame to extinguish all traces of egocentricity, to rediscover the freedom that we are and ever have been.


Cathy this is so amazing. I just sent you a message through my blog about supporting one another and than I read your blog and it says the very same thing! Wow! Great Message!

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