"Through love thorns become roses." ~ Rumi

Love is revealed in our willingness to meet one another with an open heart. Many of us already recognize this truth and understand that love is made perceptible through sharing. Still, regardless of whether or not we are fully aware of love's potential, healing happens. Much like a river following its course to the sea; love is our very nature.

Without question, we honor love's fullest expression by embracing everything, including our darkest thoughts and deepest fears. In acknowledging this wisdom, our body becomes a sacred vessel through which love emerges and breathes life into our physical reality. And while all paths open from within the ground of love, all paths also return to love's door through the breath of love. Truly, we are love offering love to itself.

The invitation is to be kind and compassionate even when we cannot see eye to eye with one another. When we understand that there is unity in our diversity, we will celebrate, respect and honor the full range of our humanity. For while the crow cannot sing the eagle's song, each voice offers an essential chord in love's most perfect harmony.


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