Journey into Silence

Oh the music of silence! I love the eternal quiet of the sun, shining on the fields in the afternoon here at Safe Harbor. The rays of light move like a hand, waving ever so softly over the earth. Like a healer, it rests its warmth along my brow.

Then a cloud rolls by, and I feel coolness... then warmth once again. This wondrous light continues its play. Now like dancing notes, it moves through the tree tops and rushes in the leaves. I hear the voice of the Holy Spirit, calling me Home. It breathes my name, and in that moment, I know that I am not alone for I feel the comforting presence of God's unconditional love and acceptance.

This journey into silence is the perfect reflection of the simplicity of my Being. I need nothing... I want nothing... I know nothing... All that I AM is the quiet of this light, playing in gentle, soulful awareness of All that there is and All that there ever could be. Truly, "I am one Self, united with my Creator." (ACIM W - 166)


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