Chanting OM

"Whosoever knows OM, the Self, becomes the Self." ~ The Mandukya Upanishads

As a musician and sound healer, I have experienced firsthand the healing power of sound. Vibration has the capacity to open our chakras (energy centers) and raise our consciousness to a higher state of being. The sacred syllable OM is universal, indivisible, infinite, eternal and ever mysterious.

Chanting OM is a wonderful enlightenment practice. As prana (the breath) enters the body vessel; it carries the entire universe into our heart center. Exhaling and chanting OM stirs the dreamer from the sleep state to the awakened state. As you continue to chant OM, imagine a vibration flowing simultaneously inward and outward in continuous waves of energy, pulsating in every direction, speaking to each and every heart, and uniting our consciousness like a small stream meeting the ocean. This is sacred breathing.

Two other simple, yet lovely chants are: OM, shanti shanti shanti and Hari OM. In Sanskrit, shanti means peace and tranquility. Actualized in this moment, there is only this blessed stillness, aligning body, mind and spirit. Hari is the Supreme; thus, we meet our Beloved, the supreme soul in union with God Supreme. In recognition, we surrender to our true nature in oneness with all.

There is also great benefit from silently chanting OM. Thus in stillness or in chaos, OM is forever with us.


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