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Chanting OM

"Whosoever knows OM, the Self, becomes the Self." ~ The Mandukya Upanishads

As a musician and sound healer, I have experienced firsthand the healing power of sound. Vibration has the capacity to open our chakras (energy centers) and raise our consciousness to a higher state of being. The sacred syllable OM is universal, indivisible, infinite, eternal and ever mysterious.

Chanting OM is a wonderful enlightenment practice. As prana (the breath) enters the body vessel; it carries the entire universe into our heart center. Exhaling and chanting OM stirs the dreamer from the sleep state to the awakened state. As you continue to chant OM, imagine a vibration flowing simultaneously inward and outward in continuous waves of energy, pulsating in every direction, speaking to each and every heart, and uniting our consciousness like a small stream meeting the ocean. This is sacred breathing.

Two other simple, yet lovely chants are: OM, shanti shanti shanti and Hari OM. In Sanskrit, shan…