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Surrender to Serenity

"You are pure. Nothing touches you. What is there to renounce? Let it all go, the body and the mind. Let yourself dissolve." ~ The Heart of Awareness

All resistance is fragmenting by its very nature. We separate ourselves from what is happening in a futile attempt to stop it from happening. Our egoic conditioning convinces us that the effort to control our world is productive behavior when in actually, the pursuant argument that cycles around and around in our minds is exactly what prevents us from living life to the fullest. It would be funny, like watching an old Laurel and Harvey film, if the consequences weren't so dire.

Once we surrender our resistance and fully embrace this moment, the point of awareness shifts away from the perception that something is happening to us. And in a flash of Grace, we suddenly become aware that we are here to honor the form our life is experiencing. This body, this time, this event becomes a unifying field of consciousness, in which we…