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Breath of Awakening

"As threads come out of the spider, as little sparks come out of the fire, so all the senses, all the worlds, all the gods, yea, all beings, issue forth from the Self. His secret name is Truth of the Truth." ~ The Upanishads

Awakening can be tricky business. "How?" is a frequent question I hear, as though we can "How?" our way to enlightenment. This common delay tactic is used by the ego to preserve its very survival.

Certainly, we can play the part of the spiritual seeker, but as long as we spend this moment trying to 'get' liberated, we are only satisfying the ego's love of the search. Be aware that the ego swings back and forth from suspiciousness to viciousness - that is its range. Moreover, the ego thrives on suffering... like running in place and getting nowhere fast.

Once we stop asking "How?" right here and now, and breathe the breath of awakening, we discover that this moment is richly sacred in and of itself. From the spaci…