Tonight we find ourselves as sojourners,
Sweeping across the galaxy.
Each of us has inscribed a cardinal alliance
To make Earth our home.

The journey pivots on our freedom to choose
In an unbounded Universe.
Emerging from the emptiness of space,
The message arrives heaven blown.

May we turn to our adversaries in peace
And rise above our discontent.
For if we allow love to capture our souls
And make the shadows bright,
We give ourselves to be absorbed,
To merge with every race and creed,
To sing the darkness a name,
The manifestation of our reverent might.

With this endeavor,
We ignite the candle of our own illumination,
So that we may open our minds
And meet one another on life's crossway.
The lodestar shines clear,
Guiding our hearts with celestial splendor
To fathom the oneness of spirit
As the miracle of each and every day.


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