I had a very powerful vision during my meditation this afternoon. Ramana Maharshi was standing before me. He moved his hand across my brow, leaving a white line on my forehead that was 4" across and almost 2" wide (I have seen similar markings in photographs). As he was doing this, I saw a bright white light and experienced absolute serenity and joy that continues still. . . Does anyone know what this white mark on the forehead signifies? If so, please contact me - thank you ♥


"The white mark is the sign of Lord Shiva - this is what he placed upon your brow. Most auspicious indeed! You are truly blest with this darshan dream from our Great Master." -Alan Jacobs, President Ramana Maharshi Foundation United Kingdom

"As far as I know the mark on the brow is ashes that signify that the ego shall be absolved. All three aspects; the gunas the trimurti shall become as ashes. You are really asking to be swallowed by the divine when you are putting ashes on your forehead. That is how I understand it and your description is very alive! I can see Bhagavan rubbing the ashes on your head when reading this. This is BLESSING. A Sattvic mind can only experience such a beautiful thing." -Marco Mazzella

Dear Alan and Marco ♥ I am so grateful that you are here, sharing your wisdom with all of us. Love blessings from the Heart ~ Cathy


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