The Relationship Dynamic

One of the larger questions that we encounter when we embark on the spiritual journey is: how do we best connect with friends and family members who might not so easily support our apparent transformation? Once we find ourselves at a place where we are truly willing to leave our baggage behind, we experience such freedom and joy. Yet instead of the love and support that we would eagerly receive from our loved ones, we are sometimes met with fear and apprehension.

On the flip side, the effort to maintain the status quo in our relationships is like a feather, attempting to hold back a tidal wave. It is only a matter of time before we tire of all the energy, required to maintain a false fa├žade. What is even truer is the awareness that any desire or expectation on our part completely clouds our vision and traps us yet again in a space in between mirrors of illusion. Herein, every thought is deceptive.

As we evolve spiritually, the relationship dynamic that we generate with others is certainly going to be different. The real opportunity in all of our relationships is to be consistent in our willingness to tell the truth. However, this integrity requires that we are first ever willing to be completely honest with ourselves. Keep in mind that the great deceiver arises from the recesses of our own psyche. The choice of whether or not to indulge in another round of compulsive thinking becomes our 'choice moment.' Thus, it remains our responsibility to remember exactly where the first thought will lead and then to choose, 'not!'

If we can allow this important transformation to occur without touching it with a thread of our previous, conditioned belief system, then a miracle begins to take place, and the weariness itself becomes such a gift. At the moment of our complete surrender, we have an opportunity to allow the tidal wave to carry us into the depths of the sea where we can drown in It, once and for all. What remains is calm and compassion.


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