An Open Letter to My Beloved Spiritual Family

As many of you are well aware, the earth is currently experiencing a major planetary shift both environmentally as well as spiritually. Change is a natural and essential purification process - one that is healthy and vibrant, bringing new life and energy to all of us. And while this particular cycle has the potential to transform our consciousness to a higher vibratory frequency, change often causes unhappiness when met with fear, resistance and/or a lack of trust.

Emotional turmoil on our planet is not a given as we have been conditioned to believe. It is triggered by our incessant need to judge one another despite the fact we do not have the ability to envision the entire picture. The 'idea' is that if we can solve one piece of the puzzle, we will ultimately understand our entire world. This limited and fragmented perspective has perpetuated suffering around the globe throughout human history.

The time has come to part with this ineffective mindset and to simply agree that we truly do not know. While this stance is never easy, it is quite helpful in reaching a peaceful resolution to both internal and external conflict. The challenge is to call a truce as we end the war going on in our own minds. The opportunity is to wipe the slate clean as we learn to embrace the changes that are occurring within the multi-faceted circles of our friendship and family relationships.

The gift is to recognize the wealth of experience that we offer one another. The invitation is to grow and evolve spiritually as we soften what is rigid in our own hearts. The possibility is to emanate a loving kindness that is naturally filled with wisdom, tolerance, forgiveness and compassion. How blessed we are to live in this time of planetary transformation! May we all become a beacon of hope, sustenance and inspiration to all of our spiritual brothers and sisters.


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