One Blessing

May we surrender to the splendor of the dawn. May we see the wonder of red on rock and the majesty of a drop of dew on a pine needle. May we witness the lone eagle, soaring over the canyon walls, carrying our prayers from the darkness of the night into the opportunity of the morning light.

May we build a bridge across all the boundaries of our intolerance. May we recognize our pride for the delusion that it truly is. May we always speak with candor, even when our honesty is met with suspicion and fear. May we open our minds with the expanse of a desert sky and acknowledge that we are one family.

May we heed the call that comes as a wisp of wind in our hair or as thunder, crashing through our bones, urging us to wake up and reaffirm our commitment, to trust in the power of forgiveness, the one salve which can heal every wound and show us that the dream was never really so.

May we welcome the fox that comes to our door and challenges us to be wiser and more deliberate in our response. May we no longer allow vague imaginings and thoughtless wanderings defile our name. May we respect and honor each human being with the reverence due a creation of our One Creator.

May we willingly reach out our hearts and our hands in an embrace so wide that we encompass every living thing. May we sing a song of life so bright that our voices rise and resound across the Universe, proclaiming: "We know who we are, and we have one wish, that is peace on Earth."

The offer, the gift, the one blessing is sweet, eternal and infinite Love...


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