Beyond Heart and Mind

The Heart is happy and at peace.

The mind laments, "How can you be so cheerful while I am so miserable? Look at the world. There is conflict and poverty everywhere I turn."

The Heart replies, "Yes, I see that you are seeking perfection, but every search is a circle drawing you deeper into your own heart."

"Then why does it hurt so much to be a witness to all of this suffering?" worries the mind.

"The sun is shining, and it is a beautiful day." Now, the Heart is unfolding itself in an open invitation. "See what you are missing."

"I do want peace, but something is always going wrong," complains the mind.

"The peace that you are seeking cannot be attained. It simply exists as your true nature... your very essence."

Still, the mind moans on and on. All the while, the Heart responds with kindness and compassion... wisdom, patience and grace until the mind can think of nothing else to grumble about.

At last, the mind stops... and there is silence...

All that remains is the sound of the sun, shining.


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