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Tonight we find ourselves as sojourners,
Sweeping across the galaxy.
Each of us has inscribed a cardinal alliance
To make Earth our home.
The journey pivots on our freedom to choose
In an unbounded Universe.
Emerging from the emptiness of space,
The message arrives heaven blown.

May we turn to our adversaries in peace
And rise above our discontent.
For if we allow love to capture our souls
And make the shadows bright,
We give ourselves to be absorbed,
To merge with every race and creed,
To sing the darkness a name,
The manifestation of our reverent might.

With this endeavor,
We ignite the candle of our own illumination,
So that we may open our minds
And meet one another on life's crossway.
The lodestar shines clear,
Guiding our hearts with celestial splendor
To fathom the oneness of spirit
As the miracle of each and every day.


I had a very powerful vision during my meditation this afternoon. Ramana Maharshi was standing before me. He moved his hand across my brow, leaving a white line on my forehead that was 4" across and almost 2" wide (I have seen similar markings in photographs). As he was doing this, I saw a bright white light and experienced absolute serenity and joy that continues still. . . Does anyone know what this white mark on the forehead signifies? If so, please contact me - thank you ♥


"The white mark is the sign of Lord Shiva - this is what he placed upon your brow. Most auspicious indeed! You are truly blest with this darshan dream from our Great Master." -Alan Jacobs, President Ramana Maharshi Foundation United Kingdom

"As far as I know the mark on the brow is ashes that signify that the ego shall be absolved. All three aspects; the gunas the trimurti shall become as ashes. You are really asking to be swallowed by the divine when you are putting ashes on…

An Open Letter to My Beloved Spiritual Family

As many of you are well aware, the earth is currently experiencing a major planetary shift both environmentally as well as spiritually. Change is a natural and essential purification process - one that is healthy and vibrant, bringing new life and energy to all of us. And while this particular cycle has the potential to transform our consciousness to a higher vibratory frequency, change often causes unhappiness when met with fear, resistance and/or a lack of trust.

Emotional turmoil on our planet is not a given as we have been conditioned to believe. It is triggered by our incessant need to judge one another despite the fact we do not have the ability to envision the entire picture. The 'idea' is that if we can solve one piece of the puzzle, we will ultimately understand our entire world. This limited and fragmented perspective has perpetuated suffering around the globe throughout human history.

The time has come to part with this ineffective mindset and to simply agree that w…

The Relationship Dynamic

One of the larger questions that we encounter when we embark on the spiritual journey is: how do we best connect with friends and family members who might not so easily support our apparent transformation? Once we find ourselves at a place where we are truly willing to leave our baggage behind, we experience such freedom and joy. Yet instead of the love and support that we would eagerly receive from our loved ones, we are sometimes met with fear and apprehension.

On the flip side, the effort to maintain the status quo in our relationships is like a feather, attempting to hold back a tidal wave. It is only a matter of time before we tire of all the energy, required to maintain a false fa├žade. What is even truer is the awareness that any desire or expectation on our part completely clouds our vision and traps us yet again in a space in between mirrors of illusion. Herein, every thought is deceptive.

As we evolve spiritually, the relationship dynamic that we generate with others is certa…

A Universal Message

We surround ourselves with walls built from the blocks of our anger, fear, ignorance and insecurity. Our intention is to protect ourselves. In reality, these carefully constructed walls become the obstacles that hold us back and prevent us from growing, being purposeful and reaching our true potential.
The word, potential, is rooted in the Latin word, posse, and literally means to have power. To be purposeful means to focus our energy with consciousness. If we are to be purposeful and reach our potential as a society, then we must first realize the true power of our intentions.
We are the artists and musicians, the poets and parents, the healers and writers of history. Each of us receives precious gifts from the Universe. They are our birthright. They are the talents and opportunities that come to us seemingly out of nowhere. We show our respect for life by developing our abilities and becoming the best of our highest thoughts.
Considering the ramifications of current world events, n…

One Blessing

May we surrender to the splendor of the dawn. May we see the wonder of red on rock and the majesty of a drop of dew on a pine needle. May we witness the lone eagle, soaring over the canyon walls, carrying our prayers from the darkness of the night into the opportunity of the morning light.
May we build a bridge across all the boundaries of our intolerance. May we recognize our pride for the delusion that it truly is. May we always speak with candor, even when our honesty is met with suspicion and fear. May we open our minds with the expanse of a desert sky and acknowledge that we are one family.
May we heed the call that comes as a wisp of wind in our hair or as thunder, crashing through our bones, urging us to wake up and reaffirm our commitment, to trust in the power of forgiveness, the one salve which can heal every wound and show us that the dream was never really so.
May we welcome the fox that comes to our door and challenges us to be wiser and more deliberate in our response. …

Beyond Heart and Mind

The Heart is happy and at peace.
The mind laments, "How can you be so cheerful while I am so miserable? Look at the world. There is conflict and poverty everywhere I turn."
The Heart replies, "Yes, I see that you are seeking perfection, but every search is a circle drawing you deeper into your own heart."
"Then why does it hurt so much to be a witness to all of this suffering?" worries the mind.
"The sun is shining, and it is a beautiful day." Now, the Heart is unfolding itself in an open invitation. "See what you are missing."
"I do want peace, but something is always going wrong," complains the mind.
"The peace that you are seeking cannot be attained. It simply exists as your true nature... your very essence."
Still, the mind moans on and on. All the while, the Heart responds with kindness and compassion... wisdom, patience and grace until the mind can think of nothing else to grumble about.
At last, the mind sto…

When All Reflections Fall Away

"The truth is that you are always united with the Lord. But you must know this. Nothing further is there to know." ~ The Upanishads
What happens once we stop seeking lasting peace and happiness?
When we finally own up to the futility of the search, we begin to acknowledge that hope in a future Self-realization is actually the postponement of recognizing what is already right here. Consequently, everything we do in avoidance of the present moment is a distraction, entwining us further in the dream state.
However real this illusion, this betrayal or this suffering seems to be; ultimately, we will shake ourselves awake. Rising from the depths of this wild and raging stream of inner turmoil, we forget everything we were ever told about ourselves and begin to remember the truth of who we really are.
Once all the doors and windows blow wide open, divine light pours right through.
In this moment of awakening, we discover a love that is precious and beautiful to behold. No longer a…