Reflecting Mirrors

The other people in our lives are a mirror for us, a reflection of our inner work. When we disconnect and see them as being separate from us, we project our inner world outward. So some of the things we may not like in ourselves, we avoid. Then, we attract other people to play out those shortcomings for us. No matter what: all of our spiritual and emotional work is inner work. This can be very hard for people to accept because the tendency is always to try to change the world around us so that it suits us better. Most of the time, this dynamic goes on without us even being aware of it. Without awareness and insight, change and true growth is impossible. from the Heart ~ Cathy Ginter

Not "MeToo"

As long as boys are raised with notions such as “boys will be boys” when they hurt animals and other children, physical, emotional and sexual abuse will continue. As long as girls are raised that they are good when they are quiet and polite or that a beautiful face is more powerful than a beautiful brain, physical, emotional and sexual abuse will continue. Until we teach our children to respect others as well as themselves, the objectification of others that leads to physical, emotional and sexual abuse will continue.
Our job as parents is to empower our children to empower themselves … not to have power over one another, and it is much easier to teach our children well in their formative years than it is to try to repair the damage done once a child reaches adulthood.
~ Cathy Ginter

The Power of Love

While peace is our true nature, we must first learn that this peace flows most freely from within when we truly make peace with ourselves. Once we own this peace whole-heartedly, we will discover that we are also at peace with all the people in our lives. So yes, when we recognize that only love is real, we know this with every cell in our bodies, minds and spirits. This is what it means to fully own our personal power … for this power is the power of Love. ~ Cathy Ginter

Laughing Buddha

All perception is ultimately an illusion constructed out of our conditioning, a mere fragment of any given circumstance, and never the entire truth. As such, we begin to understand that no one has to be wrong and that nothing is personal. From this vantage point, there is nothing to be attached to, and the need for conflict instantly falls apart. Comically, we have no-thing to defend but yet another illusion. If we can see this clearly, we can laugh at ourselves and lighten up, ending the needless and seeming endless suffering of humanity. This approach releases all the energy we waste in conflict and allows us to find creative solutions, to make music and to celebrate Life. Much like the Buddha, laughing in the garden, where is the problem Now? ~ Cathy Ginter

A Beacon for Love

The practice of whole-hearted acceptance does not mean that we have the right to act out our unhappiness with violence. Neither are we justified in blaming another person for what we are feeling. In actuality, until we are willing to take full responsibility for our own emotions, we remain stuck with our wounds and our victim mentality. Gratefully, I am seeing that surrender is one of the most effective tools in the healing process. Of course, it is not necessary to either like or to avoid any self-indulgent behavior. The important thing is to realize that there is a soft flicker of hope behind the eyes of every wounded child. With encouragement and patience, this soft flicker of hope can glow ever brighter until it blossoms into a beacon for the Light of Love. ~ Cathy Ginter

New Moon Wisdom

It is so easy to judge those who think and behave differently than we do, and dismiss them outright as hopeless. However, we never know when God is going to get in someone's head and turn on the light. Be patient and be kind with everyone whose path crosses yours. Remember that we are all God's children, and they are our brothers and sisters as well. with Love from the Heart ~ Cathy Ginter